The company will build slowly and will use all of 2021 to put in place print, electronic and audio versions of Ms Jaffer’s three books, Our Generation, Love in the Time of Treason and Beauty of the Heart, the Life and Times of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke.



  • To take ownership of Zubeida Jaffer’s creative work.
  • To go behind the scenes of 40 years of journalism and share the background to stories and experiences of Zubeida Jaffer’s working life.
  • To deconstruct the Western gaze and to look confidently through a local lens.
  • To develop a new national narrative.
  • To support all efforts for an independent media that expresses the South African and African heartbeat.


To find and spread words to inspire, motivate, heal and dignify the hearts and minds of men and women.

To support and encourage the storyteller to embrace his or her life and community experience bringing this firmly into the public space to together evolve a national and continental narrative that frees the mind.


Number10Publishers is licensed as a private company. It is women-led and directed by two highly skilled and experienced individuals in their respective fields. Multi-award winning South African journalist, Zubeida Jaffer and her daughter Ruschka Jaffer, with degrees in Business and Education, formed Number10Publishers as a vehicle for independent narration free from private international and former apartheid interests.

Zubeida Jaffer
Co-Founder & Owner

Zubeida Jaffer stands rooted in the belief of the oneness of all of humanity merging with the universe that all Abrahamic faiths call God. Raised with this philosophy, it was not difficult for her to transition from this belief into the resistance movement that brought together all South Africans irrespective of colour or creed.

This further allowed her to support the South African Constitution that is a negotiated expression of a set of agreements to guide public life flowing from compromises between all major interest groups in the country.

She is committed to continue working towards a country that is free from sexism, racism and poverty. While her broad commitment remains to a non-racial future, she has come to understand that change will not come unless the formally oppressed takes full charge of their destiny on their own terms.

Her life’s work is therefore to extend and enlarge all efforts to build confidence amongst the former oppressed majority and she makes no apology for this.

Ruschka Jaffer
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ruschka Jaffer is the daughter of activist parents. She has had to make sense of her experiences as a child of struggle and has been determined to carve out her own independent path in life.

She is a trained teacher with a strong passion for philosophy, psychology and the arts. She understands that South Africans have a long way to go towards freeing themselves and she wants to help in the process of self-actualization, individual by individual. The projects undertaken by Number10Publishers seek to further that dream, turn it into a goal, a milestone and then tick it off – one by one.